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A magnificent refuge in which a delicate balance is maintained between unique ecosystems vital for our understanding and protection of the environment. This area has been created as a reserve for some of Europe’s rarest and most valuable species whose existence is under constant threat from the voracity of their human neighbours.

Rio Tinto, rust to dust

An old railway line passes through the detritus of years of mining and the last traces of massive mining that tore out hundreds of thousands of tonnes of Spanish earth. The area now lies desolate but the river still runs red and vivid green with traces of elements that were formed eons ago in the heart of a supernova.

Bolonia, Cádiz

The sun’s burning disc settles on the horizon then gently dips out of sight, light fading slowly as night flows into the empty spaces left behind. The beach settles into silence and the trees, huddled on the slopes of the limestone hills, whisper in the hot salty breeze blowing in from the sea, just like is has done for thousands of years.

Bilbao imagination

A fusion of ingenuity and innovation, Bilbao is a city in constant evolution having been almost completely reinvented since the grey days of the industrial revolution. Drab industrial complexes that once lined the river Nervión have been torn down and the whole city seems to have been filled with the products of raw creative imagination.

A real voyage of discovery is seeing with new eyes

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It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see

Route of the Caliphates

Ambition and the perennial search for a place to grow has been the driving force of human development for time immemorial. The story that evolves along route of the Caliphates is one with all the elements of a novel in which characters rise and fall, armies are moved around like pieces on a chessboard and winners and losers all turn to dust. A hands-on journey through lands where an endless struggle for power between intractable foes gives the visitor an unforgettable experience of where we came from.

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