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Carmona, Sevilla

It’s been thirteen centuries since Muza, a Muslim warrior, ravaged the lands of Andalusia and conquered the Qarmuna of Arab chroniclers

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El Torcal, Málaga

El Torcal in the province of Málaga, is a remnant of the ancient past, a record of our planet written in stone and open to anyone who is willing to read the signs.

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Cumbres Mayores

Cumbres Mayores, in the heart of the natural park of Aracena and the Picos de Aroche, is a town full of corners to explore, from its imposing castle to the endless walk along the GR48.

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Jerez de la Frontera

Four features define Jerez de la Frontera. Horses, wine, flamenco and grand prix motorcycles dominate the cultural life of this city.

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Guadalupe, Cáceres

Located in the natural parkland of Villuercas, surrounded by the Sierras de Guadalupe and Altimira, Guadalupe is a small village with a big significance.

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Medina Azahara

Madinat Al-Zahra, now known as Medina Azahar in Córdoba, has been carefully excavated and partially reconstructed but, I must let you know that it is not as it was.

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Grazalema was not always as large a filled with cars and nameless visitors as it is today

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Jerez de los Caballeros

The view of the town from the outside is as impressive as it is spectacular from the inside. And each corner appears to be steeped in history having been known about by the Phoenicians

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Cádiz Capital City

Trying to define Cádiz is like trying to define a dream. Legend holds that it was founded by Hercules and it is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

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Munigua, Sevilla

Munigua is a Roman village located deep in the heart of the Andalusian countryside and is situated to the north of the small town of Villanueva del Rio y Minas.

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Cuacos de Yuste, Cáceres

Cuacos de Yuste is famous as being the last place that Carlos V of Spain, Holy Roman Emperor and one of the most powerful people in the world, ever, spent his declining years watching endless holy masses and repairing complex timepieces.

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Sierra de las Nieves

The Sierra de las Nieves natural park is a natural reserve located in the Province of Málaga. It’s also catalogued as a Reserve of the Biosphere.

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Doñana. Even the word evoques beauty. These natural parklands spill out and form an immense horizon which is a paradise for birds. It is perhaps the most important wetland of the whole European continent.

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Alcocer, Badajoz

Perhaps the most spectacular views I have ever seen in Spain, they progress endlessly onwards past the village of Alcocer from the vantage point of the ruined castle

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It was to Seville that great treasure ships from the New World sailed after discovery of the Americas by Europeans in 1492.

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Almería Province

Strategically placed right next to and open to the Mediterranean, Almeria has acted as a magnet to many seafaring empire-building cultures.

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The artistic roots in Andalusia are deep, and in Osuna, their extension leads us to a wealth of artistic and cultural interest.

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El Pico Ahíllos

The Sierra Ahillo acts as a backdrop to the picturesque town of Alcaudete in Jaén. Climbing it is an objective for anyone. The route up its flanks can be interesting.

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