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Bilbao, a Journey through the Senses

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Los Caños de Meca

Los Caños de Meca is a small seaside village to the east of Cape Trafalgar on the Costa de la Luz of Spain. This is a town with a long history and a great place to take the dogs, or the family, for a long walk.

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Bilbao, Bizkaia

A corner of the world where relaxing is easy Bilboa is built on the banks of the Nervión river that flows directly in from the Bay of Biscay. A mild climate ensures an all-year round comfortable temperature and, in the summer, nights are mild and days are warm. Rain...

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Valle de Mena, Burgos

Wide open spaces; feel the vibration of nature I watched her fly alone, high above the clouds and yet, on my own level. Viewing the world from the vantage point of flight, the wind blowing through my hair. A feeling of great significance in huge insignificance. Both...

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El Torcal, Málaga

El Torcal in the province of Málaga, is a remnant of the ancient past, a record of our planet written in stone and open to anyone who is willing to read the signs.

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Medina Azahara

Madinat Al-Zahra, now known as Medina Azahar in Córdoba, has been carefully excavated and partially reconstructed but, I must let you know that it is not as it was.

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Munigua, Sevilla

Munigua is a Roman village located deep in the heart of the Andalusian countryside and is situated to the north of the small town of Villanueva del Rio y Minas.

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Sierra de las Nieves

The Sierra de las Nieves natural park is a natural reserve located in the Province of Málaga. It’s also catalogued as a Reserve of the Biosphere.

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Doñana. Even the word evoques beauty. These natural parklands spill out and form an immense horizon which is a paradise for birds. It is perhaps the most important wetland of the whole European continent.

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El Pico Ahíllos

The Sierra Ahillo acts as a backdrop to the picturesque town of Alcaudete in Jaén. Climbing it is an objective for anyone. The route up its flanks can be interesting.

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The Mesquita of Córdoba

Surely one of the wonders of the world, the Mesquita of Córdoba is a monument not only to the genius of the human animal but also to the power of faith to inspire people on a massive and remarkable scale.

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Ain Ouda, Morocco

Sometimes, you fall on a place where all elements seem to come together: light, drama, ambience and feeling. I found just such a place close to the small town of Ain Ouda in Morocco one warm spring day. Floods had come and gone and left trees wallowing in their wake...

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Semana Santa

A festival of colour and emotion and a whirlwind of faith, Semana Santa in Spain is a time of the year when contemplation and community co-exist with a fervour that, for many, takes on a form of being that can only be seen to be believed. All over Spain, in villages, towns and isolated hamlets, representations of the week of passion are paraded through the streets to be silently and respectfully greeted by the assembled masses.

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The Feria de Sevilla

Seville, awash in a sea of Manzanilla, is the largest festival in the south of Spain. As the week goes by, momentum grows until the clatter of iron shod hooves and wooden shod flamenco shoes are lost in a wave of energy.

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El Cerro del Hierro

Like the beetling brows of a grumpy ancient mariner, black clouds gathered over the jagged silhouette of the Cerro de Hierro. Rain threatened, an atmosphere or timelessness hung over the rocks that had been sculpted both by nature and long-gone hands.  ...

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What to do in Seville

Seville is literally packed with things to do. The very nature of its location, climate and people make it one of the most interesting as well as personal cities this author ever had the priviledge to visit.

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