Al Andaluz

‘I have nothing more to give you’,
Silver nights and golden days
Drifted past.
Glowing sunlight, silken shadows, perfume of the damask rose,
Youth and love and pride and promise where the sparkling Tagus flows ..

Robert Eden (1919 – 2009)

Al Magrib

The smoke from the peat will drift
In the mists of morning,
And the tides of time will roll
Round the heather hills,
Till they mix in the wisp of the smile of the silent dawning
Of the world of a child of the peat and the heather hills.

Robert Eden (1919 – 2009)

 High Atlas


    Anti Atlas

      Focus on Wonder

      The sunset fades to nothingness
      Beyond the Golden Gate.
      San Andreas points his dagger;
      The wheeling world must wait.
      The wheeling oceans of the mind
      Dream, brood and hesitate
      Upon the passing moment of our fate.

      Robert Eden (1919 – 2009)

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