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Alcalá la Real, Jaén

A town of two hills, it is not by chance that Alcalá la Real is located in the centre of influence for the area. The natural strategic defensive position is occupied by the fortress of La Mota, which dominates the surrounding landscape and ensured that the Arabic rulers of the time kept their independence for more than 700 years.

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Castillo de Locubín

Castillo de Locubin lies in the heart of olive country. It is surrounded by an endless sea of olive groves, plantation on plantation, ancient trees and new lined neatly up and down the hilly terrain. Its main industry and raison d’être is the production of olive oil, the golden, cholesterol reducing agent that is one of the principal industries of Jaén.

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Tarifa, Cádiz

Tarifa, known for its year-round high winds, a feature gifted by its location near to the thermal playgrounds of the gods where the fury and power of the Atlantic merges with the tranquil serenity of the Mediterranean.

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Oviedo is a monumental city, not only in the traditions and customs that dominate its festivals, history and culture but also in the physical presence of architectural jewels that trace the development of man’s relationship with the Iberian Peninsula from the first indications of human settlement to the fanfare of imagination that accompanies Spanish modern-day architectural ingenuity.

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Ávila de los Caballeros, located in the south of the now Autonomous Community of Castilla & León is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe.

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Santiago de Compostela

The name Santiago de Compostela derives from the name of its patron Saint, James and that fact that the sky in Galicia is full of stars. Compostela comes from the Latin Campus Stellae, or ‘field of stars’. It says it all really as the city of Santiago has a special feel to it that draws you in as it has done for millions of pilgrims who have trekked here over the millennia with the sole objective of finding a little bit of meaning.

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Úcles, Cuenca

Inhabited since pre-history, Uclés was originally a Celtiberian settlement that took on particular importance during the Moorish period.

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Cuenca is situated on a rocky outcrop and is bounded to the north by the impressive hoces (rocky valleys) of Huécar and Júcar.

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Entering Almagro, history peels off the pages of the tourist magazine and parades in glorious technicolour before your eyes. Only one of the historical jewels that lie on the plains of Cuidad Real, Almagro provides a startlingly clear glimpse of the past.

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Los Caños de Meca

Los Caños de Meca is a small seaside village to the east of Cape Trafalgar on the Costa de la Luz of Spain. This is a town with a long history and a great place to take the dogs, or the family, for a long walk.

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Bilbao, Bizkaia

Bilboa is built on the banks of the Nervión river that flows directly in from the Bay of Biscay. A mild climate ensures an all-year round comfortable temperature and, in the summer, nights are mild and days are warm. Rain is a feature here and green is the dominant...

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Valle de Mena, Burgos

I watched her fly alone, high above the clouds and yet, on my own level. Viewing the world from the vantage point of flight, the wind blowing through my hair. A feeling of great significance in huge insignificance. Both of us looked out across the view that spread,...

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Montefrio, Granada

During medieval times, Montefrío was part of the northwest border of the Muslim kingdom of Granada. With the Christians to the north, the clash of arms was frequent whilst the people tried to scrape a living from the soil.

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Campo de Criptana

The history of Campo de Criptana actually began before the sixteenth century. It’s modern day aspect wouldn’t, however, lead you believe that as the town, a typically Manchegan municipality, is famous for its windmills.

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Ronda, Málaga

Strategically situated on the top of a huge stone cliff, Ronda watches endlessly over the surrounding landscape. A 360º view ensures that any invaders will be seen long before they reach the town’s picturesque narrow streets.

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Almería Capital City

The city of Almería crowds, like an infant around the skirts of her nanny, at the feet of the castle, or Alcazaba, that was built in the tenth century by Abderramán III.

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Zuheros, Córdoba

Zuheros is a small village in the heart of the province of Córdoba. Home to the world famous Bat Cave it is located about 76km from the provincial capital.

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Carmona, Sevilla

It’s been thirteen centuries since Muza, a Muslim warrior, ravaged the lands of Andalusia and conquered the Qarmuna of Arab chroniclers

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